• LKJ designed her first cover when she was six. No, really. She wrote a story about a unicorn and a wizard and such, and she made a cover for it. On yellow, lined paper. In pen. It was just a drawing of a cloud with POOF! written in the middle. Still, she was only six...

    Fortunately, she has improved somewhat since then! She started designing covers for her own books in 2011, then branched out to offer her services to other authors over the years. She continues to work to improve her skills and deliver better, more visually spectacular results at fair prices.

    When she's not making pretty pictures, she is mother to a child-that-won't-stop-growing (no matter how many times she tells him to), and she lives her with very own Named Man of the North in rural CT.

    She also writes and publishes as the scifi/fantasy author K.B. Thorne and romance author Sadie Johnson.